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ISAT Resources
Teacher knowledge of the ISAT testing and scoring is imperative in raising student achievement in mathematics.
The Illinois Assessment Frameworks detail what will be tested on the ISAT test in reading, mathematics, science, and writing.  Not only does the frameworks detail specific descriptors of testable items, but provide content analysis and specific cognitive complexities to help build a strong mathematics curriculum.
Assessment Frameworks from ISBE

Math Info & Samples NAEP Resources TIMSS Resources

ISBE resources

This page provides all information pertaining to ISAT testing in mathematics.  Here you will find the reference sheet, rulers, samples, and other information and updates. ISAT sample books (PDF files) are available for download from the ISBE website.  Sample books previous to 2006 will not be aligned to the Illinois Assessment Framework, but still provide sample ISAT problems to use in the classroom.  Released extended response and short response items are also available.

NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) is an organization that has provided educational assessments and data analysis across the country.  NAEP testing provides quality assurance of individual state assessment practices.  These items can be valuable in providing assessment items to integrate into the curriculum.  The links below are sample items that we have put together from the NAEP website.  The NAEP website can be used to search for other tested areas as reading, science, social sciences, and writing.

 TIMSS (Third International Math & Science Study) has now been revised to Trends in Math & Science Study.  These assessments are given to participating countries.  The comparison and research has provided our nation with valuable insight into how mathematics is taught and structured around the world.  Click below to access the PDF files for the 2003 samples in mathematics.  These files provide not only test items, but analysis and examples of student work.  Other released test items in PDF files are available from the TIMSS site.

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