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Middle School Math Conference Summer 2008 - Joliet, June 19 & 20
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KIDS High School Workshop - Course Alignment Worksheet in Excel

Course Alignment Worksheet in Word


Our Mission

CMath2 is a leading provider of quality math professional development and consulting.  Our mission is to meet the needs of districts and schools in their endeavor to increase student achievement in math.  Strategies employed are based on district and school needs and data.


Claran Einfeldt

Claran Einfeldt is the President and Founder of C Math 2, Inc., one of the nation’s most successful mathematics consulting companies.  Her love of learning mathematics includes a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and her passion for teaching mathematics includes the course work for a Doctorate in Mathematics Education.  With extensive practical experience at the local, state, and national level, she is widely recognized for her expertise in the area of cutting edge mathematics curriculum, assessment, and instruction.  She is sought out by schools, colleges, and professional organizations throughout the country to work with teachers, administrators, parents, school boards, and communities. This combination of experience allows her to communicate the theory behind the issues, while providing the practical “how to” strategies in order to facilitate positive change in today’s mathematics classrooms, schools, and districts.  She is widely acclaimed as not only a dynamic speaker but also a true “teacher’s teacher” and a consultant that gets results. Participants in Claran’s seminars appreciate her down-to-earth style and humorous delivery, as well as the wide variety of ready-to-use ideas for today’s mathematics classrooms.  C Math 2, Inc. begins all consulting work asking the question “What would you dream for if you knew you couldn’t fail”?


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