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Services provided - click on the link for more information on the services

AUDITS - get a clear picture of where the district is and where it can go!

ON-SITE CONSULTATIONS - strategic planning at the district or school level

INSTRUCTIONAL COACHING - build collegiality and increase effective math instruction

CURRICULUM MAPPING - K-12 alignment of assessment frameworks objectives including vocabulary and teaching strategies

Professional Development -   one-day, multi-day hands-on workshops for educators and paraprofessionals

Administrator Academies - one-day, multi-day hands-on workshops for administrators

Parent Workshops - hands-on workshops for parents

CMATH2 provides customizable workshop and consulting options to meet the needs of schools and districts.  Professional development plans can include one-day or multiple day workshop training, school-based coaching, curriculum consultations, administrator training, and parent/community training.

Professional development options are matched to National and Illinois Learning Math Standards and utilize effective instructional and assessment strategies to help increase student achievement and understanding of mathematical concepts.  Teachers will gain new confidence and skills in teaching mathematics along with deepening their own understanding of math and how students learn mathematics.

Below provides sample workshop titles. Click on the title to go to the description and agenda. Please contact us to help plan training for your school, district or LEA.

Everything You Want to Know about the ISAT/PSAE Test and Were Afraid to Ask

Teaching Strategies to Improve Student Achievement on the Mathematics ISAT

Teaching Strategies to Improve Student Achievement on the Mathematics PSAE

Teaching Math to Special Education Students

Aligning Assessment Frameworks with Curriculum

Integrating Technology to Increase Student Achievement

Administrator Academies

Meeting the ISAT/PSAE Testing Needs

Testing Data - What can it tell us?

What to look for in the mathematics classroom?

Leadership in Mathematics - Keys to Success

Technology to Increase Mathematics Understanding

Reading and Writing in Mathematics
The Power of Words

Math Games to Teach Math Concepts


More Workshop Titles

        Differentiated Instruction for Mathematics

        Using Data to Increase Student Achievement

        Hands-on Math Instruction (Tailored to different standards, , i.e. Geometry, Probability, Algebra, Number Sense, Data Analysis & Statistics, Measurement)

        Evaluating the Math Classroom What Works with Teachers

        Math Tech How to Best Use Technology in the Math Classroom

        Developing Mathematical Thinking

        Standards-based Mathematics Instruction (Tailored to different standards, see above)

        Teaching Reading and Writing in the Math Classroom

        Questioning in the Math Classroom Makes the Difference

        Effective Journaling to Increase Teaching Effectiveness

        Powerful Assessment Strategies in Mathematics

        Co- Teaching/Team Teaching to Meet Diverse Student Needs

        Make It and Take It Games and Activities to Teach Mathematics

        Curriculum Mapping with the Assessment Frameworks

        Developing Quality Lessons in Mathematics

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