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Dean Berkas - Dean is a middle school mathematics teacher, Department Head, and Team leader at the School District of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. He has had 32 year s of experience teaching in grades 5 through 12. He has facilitated trainings at the local, state, and regional levels and has received numerous awards for teaching excellence.

Nancy Berkas - Nancy is the co-owner and founder of the new educational consulting company, EdSights, LLC. She brings with her over 30 years of experience from the elementary level through the college level. She brings her expertise in using calculators (standard and graphing) and computers to enhance both student and adult learning. She has conducted numerous workshops and presentations at the district, state, and national levels pertaining to teaching and learning mathematics, science, and technology. She currently works with product development in the areas of professional development , mathematics, science, and technology for ETA Cuisenaire and Key Curriculum Press.

Linda Hackett - Linda is currently the Mathematics Instructional Systems Specialist for the Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools. Linda’s mathematics education experiences range from teaching high school to graduate school courses in both public and private settings, and consulting in both profit and non-profit organizations.

Mary Hendrickson - Teaching and education has been a part of Mary Hendrickson's life the the past 26 years.  She has provided professional development for PreK-12 teachers during the past 12 years, focusing on instructional strategies. She is currently the Mathematic s Instruction Systems Specialist for the DDESS Mathematics Coaching Program.

Tom Mulchinski - Tom is an independent consultant to school districts in mathematics education. He taught high school and middle school in Minnesota and served as the district's K-12 mathematics coordinator. He also served as Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Southwest Minnesota State University. He has served the Minnesota State Department of Education as the Mathematics Specialist.

Sharon Stenglein - Sharon’s educational career has included being a secondary teacher and a middle grades teacher in Minnesota. She has also served as Mathematics Specialist for the Minnesota Department of Education, where her work involved working with districts on curriculum revision, developing state standards and assessments, and developing a K-12 Mathematics Framework. She also developed a cadre of 150 teacher leaders.


Sessions from the Summer Math Conference

Keynote Speaker - Claran Einfeldt

Claran Einfeldt is the President and Founder of C Math 2. She has been involved in mathematics education in Illinois for over 33 years. Claran is an international consultant that has been providing professional development to teachers for over 25 years. Her experience includes international work for the Department of Defense and national consulting for the Bureau of Educational Research.

Opening Keynote - What Would You Dream for if You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?

A classroom where students love learning math and teachers love teaching math is possible!!

Closing Keynote - Achieving the Dream

Your dream classroom up and running is a possibility!!

Senses on Geometry (Dean Berkas)

Aristotle said, “There is nothing in the intellect that was not first in the senses.” Experience manipulative-based activities that develop geometry concepts using the senses.

Statistics for the Ages (Dean Berkas)

Experience statistics activities and projects specifically designed for the middle level learner.  Interest in data creates interest in mathematics.

Calculator for Learning Mathematics - Experience the Excitement! (Nancy Berkas)

Experience how the calculator can be used to engage students, enhance their learning, and become an integral component of classroom instructional strategies.

Teaching Algebra with Manipulatives (Nancy Berkas)

Algebra is known as the “gatekeeper” of advanced mathematics. Manipulatives, when used appropriately, offer the students a key to unlocking that gate. Experience the unlocking for yourself!

Developing Algebraic Reasoning (Linda Hackett)

Taking students from number sense to algebraic reasoning through problem solving will be the focus of this session. Participants will explore how to engage students in the transition process.

Linking Mathematics and Literature in a Meaningful Way (Linda Hackett)

Explore the potential of using children’s literature to teach mathematics and learn effective ways of unleashing that potential in the classroom. Whether introducing a mathematical concept or facilitating an extended investigation, children’s literature offers an engaging link between mathematics and the world of children.  Click here for handouts - 6-8 Literature, Literature books

Words Matter in Math (Mary Hendrickson)

Mathematical understanding hinges on being able to communicate and make connections. We will look at ways to help students develop a working math vocabulary and connect mathematical words to their lives. Click here for handouts - Word Wall Works, Reflection Journal

Deal or No Deal? (Mary Hendrickson)

Games are a great way for students to investigate mathematical concepts and build skills. Come and open your suitcase of winning ideas!  Click here for handouts - Universal Games, Two Dice Game, Reflection Journal

Making Probability Real with Simulations (Tom Mulchinski)

Simulations allow students to study interesting realistic situations that bring to life important probability ideas. In this session, we will engage in several simulation activities that help develop students’ understandings of simple and not-so-simple probability concepts as well as address common misconceptions students may hold about probabilistic situations.

The Illuminations Website - A Resource for Teaching Mathematics (Tom Mulchinski)

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Illuminations website is an outstanding resource that provides a wealth of activities for teachers to use with students, whether they need remediation or enrichment. We will explore the various features of the website as well as work with several of the activities in depth so as to develop a sense of how the site can best be used.

Five Instructional Practices that Work: Choose One! (Sharon Stenglein)

This session will allow participants to learn about the most effective instructional strategies.  Participants will leave ready to implement any of the strategies.

The Art and Science of Good Questioning (Sharon Stenglein)

This interactive session will allow participants to learn about using effective questioning strategies in the classroom. Better questions yield higher order thinking, communication, and learning.


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